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This is Aktuell

AKTUELL Vertriebs GmbH, was founded in Iserlohn on 01.07.1989. Today, AKTUELL is one of the largest direct importers to Germany of original Italian snacks and bakery specialities. We collaborate exclusively with quality- oriented, very high-performance production plants in the Italian food industry. At our Iserlohn site, we have around 5,500 sq m of warehouse space with a total capacity of around 3,500 euro-pallet bays. As an IFS-certified company (IFS Logistics & IFS Broker), we collaborate with all the notable companies in the German food industry. Alongside our range of original Italian snacks and bakery specialities, we have expanded our activities to include the distribution of our own brands and service items. Besides our own purchasing and quality department, AKTUELL has a financial and accounting department, a warehousing and order-picking department and also our own sales team consisting of internal and field sales staff.

Our customers

Our range

As one of the largest direct importers in Germany, we collaborate exclusively with important quality- and service-oriented producers in the Italian food industry.

In the sweet bakery category, we have achieved an excellent market position with products such as Belli Cantuccini, Gadeschi Amarettini and Pietro Rossi Soft Amaretti.

In the savoury snacks category, we collaborate with Italian companies such as Panealba, Granarolo, Roberto and Pedon, all of whom enjoy dominant market positions in their home market.

Our range is complemented by seasonal products such as panettone and chocolate coins.

International brands:

Our E-Commerce activities

AKTUELL – today we are already thinking about tomorrow.

At our site in Iserlohn we coordinate all our E-Commerce activities. These include our partnership business with “World of Sweets” and our own marketplace “” with Seller and Vendor versions for B2C and B2B.

The creation of synergy through constantly new campaigns and sustainable strategies are of our highest priority for online performance. As a result, we are perfectly positioned to confront the increasingly important digital sales channel.

Logistics & Quality

At our Iserlohn site, we have around 5,500 sq m of warehouse space with a total capacity of around 3,500 euro-pallet bays, including a temperature- controlled warehouse area with around 200 bays.

Alongside a quality and declaration check on all incoming deliveries at the time of warehousing, the warehousing and order-picking department is characterised by a high degree of flexibility. Here, individual customer wishes for display ranges and marketing solutions can be taken into consideration and be implemented in the shortest possible time.

AKTUELL Vertriebs GmbH is an IFS-certified company (IFS Logistics & IFS Broker). Adherence to the IFS standards for consistently ensuring product safety and the associated product quality is the top priority for our warehousing and order-picking department.

Our company is also certified organic. All necessary controls are always carried out with a focus on quality. The code number of our inspecting control body is DE-ÖKO-013.

Unser Unternehmen ist Bio-zertifiziert

Sales and marketing activities

AKTUELL Vertriebs GmbH combines logistics and sales operations under one roof. Numerous sales and marketing activities complement our range of services. These range from the development of our own products and trade brands to participation in stock markets and trade fairs. Annual participation in the largest trade fair in the world for sweets and snacks, ISM, represents the beginning of the presentation and concrete marketing of new products and sales formats.

Our commitment to the environment

Because we care for the environment and the mindful use of resources, we have been operating our own photovoltaic system with a capacity of 73 kWp for years. In addition, we implemented a charging station and a wallbox with a capacity of 2×22 kW.

At our site in Iserlohn we use electricity derived 100% from renewable energy.

Indirect emissions occurring outside the company, e.g. from the production of raw materials and preliminary products, external logistics as well as the use and disposal of products or other processes are not subject to climate neutrality.


AKTUELL Vertriebs GmbH
Langer Brauck 19b
58640 Iserlohn