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Aktuell Vertrieb
Aktuell Vertrieb

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What is the reverse application process?

The reverse application inverts the classic application process. Here, we actively present ourselves as the company to potential candidates, like you, in order to arouse their interest. This allows you to find out directly what you can expect from the company and what benefits we offer.

In the traditional process, the applicant sends their documents and waits for a response. With the reverse application process, we as a company take the initiative and present ourselves and our offers to you. This allows for a more transparent and interactive first experience for the applicant.

As a candidate, you will gain a deeper understanding of our company. This will help you make a better decision.

As a candidate, you can register on our website to receive the application. There you can find more information about our company, our values and job openings.

We no longer have a traditional application process. We have a process where we first reach out to interested parties. If a candidate decides in our favor, there is a short phone call where both parties can see if the overall chemistry is right. After this phone call, both parties decide whether to have a further interview.

After taking part, you have the opportunity to opt for a short interview with us directly. The initial interview is for both sides to check whether the overall chemistry is right. After a successful initial contact, we will invite you to another interview. Here you will find out in detail what you are getting into with us and we will get to know you better. If both parties have a good feeling about the interview, we will invite you to a trial period with us so that we can see you in action and you can get a better overview of your day-to-day work with us. If we both felt good after the trial work, we will finalize your employment contract so that you can start with us in good time.

Our HR team will be on hand to answer your questions and guide you through the rest of the application process.

The basic selection criteria remain the same. However, the reverse application offers the advantage that both sides can better assess at an early stage whether they are a good match.

It is helpful to find out about our company in advance and think about your professional goals and questions to ask us. That way you can get the most out of the event.

We attach great importance to an authentic and transparent presentation of our company. Our goal is to offer a realistic view of our work environment and answer all your questions honestly and thoroughly.

Aktuell Vertrieb
Aktuell Vertrieb

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